Samantha+Kody | Engagement | Nashville, TN

Whitney on January 01, 2018

When we planned this Nashville engagement, "Feels like -7" was not in the plans, but that's what we were given and we still made magic happen.

Kody and Samantha were troopers and never complained. Even between shots, when Samantha knew her winter coat was about to be taken so she could pretend it was a nice summer day, she went on to the next shot like a pro. Luckily, we made our way into Union Station to give the couple a rest from the cold where we were able to capture a timeless piece.

Most couples opt for their everyday look during an engagment session, but we find that donning formalwear allows images to stand the test of time, becoming an everlasting work of art and centerpiece in the home. 

Despite the freezing cold tempatures, our time in Nashville was incredible! We even ventured into a few amazing dives while we were there. 

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