The Sheets-Barnes | Country Wedding - Mustang, Oklahoma

Whitney Stillwell on June 23, 2016

On April 16, the Red Stiletto Wedding Photography team had the privilege of capturing the sweetest moments at the Sheets-Barnes wedding in Mustang Oklahoma. Here, we were able to capture breathtaking pictures. The wedding was not only a magical experience, but it exhibited the inward beauty of every single person involved.
Shasta, the bride was one of the kindest, most joyful brides that we have ever had the honor of working with. She displayed her inward beauty even in the moments when things were not perfect. At one point, due to the windy day, her veil blew off into the pond, but her joyful attitude and contagious smile never wavered. Both Hayden, the groom, and Shasta are Oklahoma City Police Officers, and are some of the kindest people that our wedding photography team has ever met.
The two had an outdoor wedding on Hayden's family's land. They had a tent set up by a beautiful pond, and were able to exchange their vows on a dock. The mother-son dance during the reception was exceptionally hilarious, and Shasta’s sister’s rendition of The Rose, brought everyone to happy tears. The day turned out perfect.



Chris Deller - March 4, 2017
Such a beautiful venue + couple!